*Contract SIC*: Citation 500-series and CJ-series (PHX area)


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Looking to pick up some contract SIC work in CE-500-series and CJ-series (CE-525) aircraft:

Total Time: 2,205
Pilot in Command: 2,030
Multi-Engine PIC: 615
Turbine: 201
Night: 480
Night Cross-Country: 453
Cross-Country: 1,170
Mountain/High DA: 1,221
Instrument (Sim/Act) 206/124

**Hold SIC types for both aircraft series.
**Have 100+ hours experience in CJ series
**Have ~30 hours experience in -500 series
**IFR current and PROFICIENT

Competitive daily rates!

Thank you for you looking!


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Hey, where were you when I was looking for a full time pilot to fill our vacancy??

Ha! Good luck to you..........