1. K

    Thyroid Condition

    I'm new to the forum and exploring a possible career change and becoming a pilot. I was diagnosed about 6 years ago with hypothyroidism and have been on medication since. Occasionally, my numbers come back elevated and my doctor adjusts the meds and then my numbers return to normal within a...
  2. E

    History of Anxiety

    Hello, I currently take 5MG of Lexapro. I’ve taken this medication for 2 months and i plan on getting off of it within the next few months. I’m going to be working towards my PPL but before I start I just want to know if I’m going to need Special Issuance for having a history of slight anxiety...
  3. C

    Any AMEs in New York City with Farnsworth lantern test, or OPTEC?

    I am not that color blind, but the color plates test diagnose and disqualify even the slightest of color deficiencies. I understand if you fail you can pass other tests...but I’d rather pass it on my first go. So, are there any AMEs that offer a Farnsworth medical lantern or OPTEC tests? Either...
  4. AF1993

    Denied for illegal drug use - Trying to appeal

    My husband just received an email from medical today stating that he was denied for illegal drug use. He disclosed on his security questionnaire that he smoked marijuana on only a few occasions in his lifetime, the most recent being in July of 2016. Other than that, he has used no other illegal...
  5. P

    DVT with Stent Placement

    I am currently a Navy flight student, but have recently been disqualified from naval aviation due to blood clots in my Vena Cava and Illiac Veins. After a year on Xarelto, I had stents placed in my Vena Cava and Illiac Veins. 3 months later, the stents occluded, and I had thrombolysis to remove...
  6. J

    Another vision question

    I currently hold a 3rd class medical. Got my Private Pilot ticket with no issues with anything sight related throughout any of my training. (except finding the airport sometimes, but we've all been there!) I'm trying to make a career out of this, but I know I only have 20/25 in my right eye as...
  7. broncoav8r

    SFO/OAK AME Rec?

    First time getting a medical in the Bay Area...any reccomendations?
  8. BarbieDreamPilot

    Third Class Medical Reform Bill Passed Subcommittee Still lots of deliberations and there is the possibility of change, but as I understand it right now private pilots would only need one initial check by an AME, then one required physical every four years, and it could just be...