Another vision question

Jose Mora

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I currently hold a 3rd class medical. Got my Private Pilot ticket with no issues with anything sight related throughout any of my training. (except finding the airport sometimes, but we've all been there!) I'm trying to make a career out of this, but I know I only have 20/25 in my right eye as of my last eye exam 2 days ago. I'm confident I can get a SODA, but my question is how often do AMEs actually test your vision in each individual eye? Or is it more of reading the Snellen chart with both eyes? I can't remember what my AME did so I'm just trying to get input from what other's AME did.

Another issue that might pop up is Glaucoma. I have to go back to my ophthalmologist and get tests done since it runs in my family and some of the veins in my eyes made him suspect it. Should I mention this to my AME before I get these tests done or wait until after? I have my 1st class appointment in 5 days but I haven't scheduled with my ophthalmologist yet. Is Glaucoma going to rule me out for that first class or is there more waivers for that? I can't find much information online on the subject.