GroupMe App


Mama Bear....
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I created a GroupMe group called NJC2016....if you don't have GroupMe, it's an app that works on all smartphones. Anyone should be able to join the group. :)

Get on there so we can start chatting about activities, goals etc. Still no "set" plans for this come expecting go with the flow networking and FUN!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

If there are any problems with the app, let me know.



Mama Bear....
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I don't know. Tracy (ComplexHiAv8r) set it up. Contact him and he can get you in.

This is going to be our method of communication while in town ppl! Get on it! :D


hen teaser
You're the reason most rational adults don't have "Snapchat".

"Chasen's up working late again aaaaaand he's bored!" :)
Hey, everyone is a fan of Chasen's snapchat.

The people I was staying with all pulled out, but I've gotten some generous offers so if I can swing it I'll try to go for at least a night tomorrow. Only issue is DL from SJC and UA from SFO are oversold both directions and one way tickets are a few hundred dollars to get home. So for now, you are all safe from the unwanted appearances of my genitals.