1. Nprice

    Need Instruction/ Building Time?

    Limited Time - Dual $110 per hour (Airplane/Fuel/Instructor) in a Cessna 150. Minimum 5 hour block to be completed in a single day. We can do private or commercial work, airport hop, whatever you'd like. We'll have fun! Send a PM. Located in Columbia, SC.
  2. cadbury

    Time Building

    I am looking somebody to do time building (for my ATP) with. Perhaps, later half of this year (around July 2017?). 1. I am not picky about the condition of the airplane. 2. I need to clock >500 hours. 3. I am willing to travel to meet you. If you can host me, that will be great! 4. I have no...
  3. N

    Time-Building Daytona Beach, FL $47/hr Wet

    Hey Guys and Gals, I would like to build another 250-300 hours in the course of 4-5 months. I am looking to rent from Air America Flight Center. They have a Cessna 172L that they charge $94/hr or $890/10 hour block which we would split 50/50. Come and fly for as long as you need. About The...
  4. 3 Point

    Are both mics activated when one PTT is depressed?

    In a standard Cessna 172 with hardwired factory PTT switches - If right side PPT is depressed will both headset mics transmit during that button push, or will only the right side headset mic transmit? I had a student who on a solo believed his Left side, PTT had gone out - so he began...
  5. Vadim

    Cessna 150 $65/hr (Lets split it) Rochester, NY

    We have a Cessna 150 in Rochester, NY (KROC) for $65 an hour wet, I am a PPL with 190hrs working on SEL-Instrument/Commercial and want to build xcountry time towards commercial and ATP. [due to my job, i can only fly saturdays and sundays], id like to put atleast 10 hrs saturday and 10 hrs...
  6. Alaska_Melanie

    Pilot in Command for Part-135 Carrier in Alaska needed.

    It's an exciting time to work at Grant Aviation! We're a growing, made-in-Alaska Part 135 carrier known for our strong track record of safety, and for being one of the friendliest airlines in Alaska. We are currently seeking to fill several Pilot in Command positions for Cessna 207s, GA8...
  7. Burrito

    Island Airlines closes up shop

    Little 135 shop out on Nantucket, but they were lovely people to work with. Always a smile. Hope the guys there are quickly re-employed. https://flic.kr/p/a699AZ