(yet another) Ratings Question


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I am about to finish my IR and I'm debating whether to do the Multi-rating next or the Comm.


1. The Multi is only going to take 10+ hours and will add toward the TT for the Comm.
2. It'll be multi time.
3. It'll take care of the complex requirement for the comm. (although I'll probably do the Comm. SEL in the Arrow).

Here's my question:

IF I decide to do the multi next, when I do take the Comm.-SEL, will I then have to take a ANOTHER Comm. ride for the Multi if I'm already multi-rated?

I've asked my instructor and my boss (who is also a long-time instructor) about the ramifications of taking the multi-engine rating next... but, nobody quite knows how that will play out.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

You'll have to do another checkride for the multi-comm, but there won't be as much to do because you'll have already demonstrated that you can do a cross country w/ your CR-3 out, etc. etc. Also, the multi doesn't require lazy 8's, chandelles, or 8's on pylons. If you have the ASA Commercial Pilot PTS book, look on page 2-v and it will tell you what you have to do if you already posses the ASEL commercial.

I'm coming from the other side. I'll have my CIME and I'll have to get my single engine add on for the commercial. Which basically means that I have to go out and do some lazy 8's, chandelles, and 8's on pylons!

Good luck.
I was in the same position as you a while ago. I talked to a lot of people about what I should do and most of them recommended doing the commercial SE first, then the multi add-on. My flight instructor went to Flight Safety Academy - they do the commercial multi first, then the single engine add-on. Even though he went that route he still recommends doing the SE first. It's cheaper and more logical in my opinion. Just my thoughts...
Some time within the next 6 mos. or so I will probably choose one of the academies in FLA and FSA is on top of the list.

Anyway, can I change the order and do the SE first or am I stuck doing it in their order. You never know, probably not. Let me know. 'tanks
You're the paying customer...you can do it in any order you want. Just make sure you get it all straight at orientation.
Thanks, that's a great tip! I'll make make sure they get it straight and know who's the boss, right?!
SkyKingRon, I do not know where you are in your training, so it is hard to give advise. There have been a few here at FSA that go single engine all the way through the program and then do a commercial multi-add on with instrument. The usual way to go here is single engine private, single engine cross country time building with commercial maneuvers, multi private, instrument rating in the twin, multi commercial. Then you can do the commercial single engine add. If you do single engine all the way through and do the multi-commercial add on you have to prove instrument competency in the twin on your checkride. Otherwise you will only have instrument privledges in the single engine. The difference is you will have 55-70 hours of multi time if you do it the FSA way, compared to 20-30 if you do the multi-add on. You can probably get done in less hours if you do in the 'normal' way here, since it would take less hours to do the single engine commercial add, compared with the multi-commerical add with instrument privledges.
i say.... do multi after you get your Comm.... save the money now. sure it's multi-time but once you get your MEI you'll be getting paid for that extra few hours that you would have paid for in the beginning. plus i also feel that the more advanced you get in your training in SEL the easier it will be for your transition to the MEL.
Thanks for the responses! That's pretty much what I thought the consensus would be - just had to reaffirm.

I'll chat with my instructor and see what his thoughts are. Probably go straight into the SE-Comm. after the IR.

Thanks again!