Writtens... CFI, BGI, AGI


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I am about two days away from taking my CFI written and am wondering if I should take the BGI or AGI written as well. I know that ATP won't reimburse you for the BGI or AGI so I guess I'm wondering if its worth the extra $80 to take one, obviously money is a little tight. Here are my questions:

1. What else do you have to do to get the Advanced Ground Instructor certificate besides just take the test?

2. What benefit is there in having the certificate?

3. What privledges does it give you?

My guess is that if you don't get hired by ATP having a ground instructor certificate would be helpful in finding other emplyment. Any suggestions?
Sorry I dont have an answer for your question, hopefully someone else will. But does ATP reimburse you for the the required writtens if you take them before you start?

The AGI test is from the same question pool as the CFI Airplane test. Take the AGI test results and your CFI certificate to a FSDO and they will give you a ground instructor certificate. An AGI or IGI is required to become a Gold Seal CFI. No additional priveleges (assuming you are a CFI/II/MEI).

ATP reimburses the IRA, CAX, FII, FOI, and FIA written tests at the end of the ACPP, along with hotels, rental cars, charts, etc. Keep all receipts.
Not to change the subject but from what you said it sounds like you have to pay for the hotels, car and charts? I was under the impression that this was all included in the tuition?
I was told that the hotels and cars were almost always taken care of in advance by ATP, but be ready to pay just in case, then ATP will reimburse you.
When doing x-c(s) the unexpected can happen (or not) and you might not be where you planned so be prepared for a backup plan.
Take the AGI. When you become an instructor you will then be eligible for a Gold Star. You will need to pay $80.00 for it though because it's not part of the program.
Thanks for the responses guys. I guess my next question is is the gold star/seal an important thing to have? I'm guessing if all other things are equal and an employer is choosing between 2 cfi candidates the one with the gold star/seal gets the job. Is that more or less correct? I guess it can't hurt so what the hell, I might as well take it.
hotels are always taken care of in advance. charts and plates you have to purchase yourself and ATP will reimburse you for them. same thing with cabs. should you have to take one. i needed to a lot because i was 24 when i went through and it's hard to find a place that will rent a car to you if your under 25. that was the case at basically all the ATP locations i was at. morale of the story- don't plan on renting a car if your under 25. some companies will if you pay a little extra but i didn't find any of these at ATP locations.
That sucks about the 25 age limit, I'm 24 so I guess i'm screwed, I never tried to rent a car before, but I thought it was 21.

Man I could be married with 6 kids on vavcation and I still couldn't rent a car, thats BS. I was looking forward to the rental car for exploring .
I have yet to find a car rental company that doesn't rent cars to you if you are under 25. They will charge you extra, but they will rent it to you if you are over the age of 21.
i tried in atlanta, jax, and new jersey and all said "no way jose". if i recall the dallas location didn't have a rental car location where ATP is located. many places let us take their courtesy car for lunch.
isnt it crazy that a 18 year old private pilot can go and rent a $187,000 172 / Warrior and fly it to his hearts content. But that same 18 year old cant go get a POS dodge neon worth probably $10,000 to drive for a couple of days. [/rant]
Hertz will generally charge about $10 more then the going rate if you are under 25/26 depending on what state it is. I think enterprise is about $25 more a day and alamo has you do a one time payment. This was last spring... dunno if it is the same at all franchise locations or what not, but there ya go.

i was 24. i can't remember which rental car companies i tried. i just remember atlanta, jax, and new jersey saying they couldn't do it. we even offered to pay extra. between cabs and courtesy cars it all worked out fine.
hotels are always taken care of in advance.

[/ QUOTE ]

Usually true, but on 3 occasions I had to get my own room and have ATP reimburse me. Usually related to weather. Bring a credit card!
actually, that did happen to me once or twice but mike in dispatch just faxed his credit card over to the hotel and it was taken care of.
Does the IGI come out of the FIA bank as well? Is it really needed if you take the AGI? Are they the same?