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To all:
I love this board, the information is absolutley incredible. One thing I do sometimes find myself slightly frustrated at is as follows: when people post about places they've flown to, only the airport identifier is given. Then I am left wondering where in the country, or world, that is. I live in New York City, and fly out of ISP about 50 miles east. So all the identifiers I know are basically in and around NYC, like LGA(LaGuardia) and ISP(Islip, NY). But sometimes, an airline pilot will post his/her schedule up and its like this: MON: CVG-DFW, ATL-FRS, PCR-HJY, DRV-JYI. Some of these I can figure out, but others could be in Kazakstan for all I know(especially without the K in front to identify it as a US airport). I've always meant to post about this, finally today one user's post about 767 sim takeoffs at ??? prompted me to write. Has anyone else been curious about this? Thanks!

Yeah, I run into the same delimma myself, but if it's somewhere that I just cannot figure out where it is, I go look it up.

It's actually a good learning tool.

Have fun!

The Airliners.net forums have this neat feature where if you move your mouse pointer over an airport identifier or airline code, a little "ALT text" box shows the name of the airport or airline. I think it does it automatically. I know how to do something similar in HTML, but it's manual and slightly different.
Sure I don't mind typing in the airport names.

Not everyone knows every airport out there, and it's a hassle to go to airnav and look everything up. If someone writes that they went, say:


and I have no idea where those places are, I read it as:

I just use one of my many flight books, but a lot of the time I just know the North American codes
some are pretty east like ATL (ATLanta)
If someone writes that they went, say:


[/ QUOTE ]For the So. Cal-impaired, thats:

Orange County - San Diego/Lindbergh - San Diego/Montgomery - San Diego/Gillespie - French Valley - Santa Barbara (Long leg there, Ed...hope you topped off someplace along the way) - Orange County