Wonderlic Study Guide


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was curious if anyone has any recommendations on a wonderlic study guide. I found a few, but didn't want to waste if somebody found one more successful than others.


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Thanks for the help...I searched wonderlic and got nothing. Literally why I never come here to ask questions.
well you are asking potential rivals to point you in the right direction to information that *may* help you do better on a test that determines whether or not you get to interview for 1 of 15 positions that hundreds of people are going for... if the search did not pull up anything for wonderlic you could scroll through the title of all the threads until you find it that way. Sure it’s a little time consuming but hey, how bad do you want to be a Delta Air Lines dispatcher? :p


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I personally used “Beat the Wonderlic” and “Wonderlic Test Prep.” I felt really prepared for all the portions save the personality test. I never got past the testing portion, but when I finished the practice tests it always showed I ‘aced’ them. Another good thing about those prep guides is once you buy it, it’s good to be used for life so not a bad investment.