Withholding Help!!!


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I recently took over the management of two aircraft. I am having a income tax/unemployment withholding issue, and I am looking for advice.

Employer - New Jersey registered Trust. (Will never actually show up to New Jersey for work)
Flight Department Location - Connecticut
Residence - Connecticut
Aircraft 1 - Connecticut
Aircraft 2 - New York

If I am flying aircraft 1 or working at the office I am in Connecticut. If I am flying aircraft 2, 99% of the time I am going from my house directly to the hangar in New York. My interpretation of NYS tax law is that I would owe income taxes on days where work originates in New York, as income is being earned in the State?

If the above is true, do I have to withhold income taxes in Connecticut and New York during a given pay period? I am a salaried employee, so would all days (including days I don't work) go to Connecticut UNLESS I am flying aircraft 2 which would go to New York?

How would unemployment work?

Finally....New Jersey... As an employee, I don't owe anything to them right? I am thinking this is no different then working for say a major cell phone company who's HQ is Atlanta, but the employee works in say Georgia.

Thanks in advance
@MikeOH58 I'm not sure about most of that but as a EWR (NJ) based pilot I have Worker's comp insurance and other NJ program fees taken out of my paycheck. It's not much, but they must have something set up for those working out of NJ.