Why hello there United...


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We were at FL360 RIC-STL yesterday. This guy was 1000' above. I didn't have time to swap to my big lens.

150mm, f/8, ISO 100, 1/800 on a Zuiko lens.



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Thanks for the compliments folks. I have never been able to get anything on Airliners.net. Maybe my luck with change with this one.

Does a separation distance that close cause an RA?

Nope, TCAS II software was updated to V.7 fix this sort of thing prior to DRVSM airspace going live.


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We have wake turbulence issues fairly often on the north atlantic track system. Oftentimes we'll offset to avoid it when the winds are at a velocity and angle to make it a factor.

Too many stories of sitting there working on a post position plot on Track B, then a 747 silently overtakes you from 1000 above, then WHOMP! Then the sound of crap falling in the forward galley and the A-line's walker rolling down the aisle.