Where to flight instruct?


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I have a question for CFI's working in the northern states. How much flight instructing to you get done during the winter? I'm almost done at Flight Safety Academy and I'm trying to decide if I should move back to Michigan or stay in Florida and find a flight instructor job.
well looking at the conditions of Flying careers right now it is very hard to get a job (at least thats what I think). So going back to Michigan or staying in Florida wont do much difference unless of course Michigan has some burst of people wanting to fly which I think would be very very rare. Right now you should consider getting a regular job to start paying off your loans. And get a nice but cheap enough place to stay at. BTW I heard that FSA has a program that if you finish with FSA they will hire you as an instructor. But the wait is like 10 months+.
Unless you have an "in" somewhere you will probably have to canvas both areas with resumes and go where the job happens to be....