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I reference to a recent thread about being told to call/visit the tower, I had mentioned that in my aviation law class they suggested that if you were requested to call or visit the tower that you should not comply. Instead, you should have your lawyer contact them instead to make sure that you don't self-incriminate. If you go/call the tower and admit your mistake (and more importantly, identify yourself) you have either the chance of getting off the hook or sealing your fate. What would you do?

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To contact or not... That is the question.

<input type="radio" name="option" value="1" />Yes, I would contact/go to the tower
<input type="radio" name="option" value="2" />Screw em, they can talk to my lawyer
<input type="radio" name="option" value="3" />Ignore them completely

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Well...you can look at it from the lawyer standpoint or the pilot standpoint... If you dont call, and have the lawyer call, chances are that you are going to need that lawyer because its going to P.O. the controler. But if you call, you can possibly avoid the paperwork going through. I guess it all depends on what you did. If ya busted class B, and buzzed the tower with the finger extended to the controler, then i'd prolly get a lawyer. But...if you have a minor infraction, like missing a reporting point, or forgeting a radio call or somthing, i'd prolly just call and say sorry and stuff....I dunno, I hope we all are never faced with the decision.
Glad to see the NASA ASRS program is so popular.

Personally, I'd take 10 min., fill out the form, send it CERTIFIED MAIL (so you can prove you filed it w/ in 10 days of said infraction), and go get reemed by the tower manager, certificates safely in my pocket.
Glad to see the NASA ASRS program is so popular.

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I carry one in my flight bag....but, isnt there a stipulation that you have to notify atc that you are going to file one? I vaugely remember somthing about that being necessary. Or do ya just send it in?
Nope, just send it in. However, it takes a couple of months for them to send back the confirmation, so you absolutely have to make sure you have a record of it being sent. Make a copy or two, and send it certified mail.
Only call the tower if they have your tail number. If you've done something(like clip a corner of class B) and you have not identified yourself to the controller, just take down the number and don't ever call them.
I only had to call the tower once....the controller said I had a really atractive voice and she wanted to set up a date with me....heh..what can I say