What To Expect On A Cargo Flight..............


I might be flying on a cargo flight this March from MEL-LHR. Will I have to bring my own food? Will it basically be me and the pilots or will there be any other pax? Will there be any entertainment? Any other words of advise; earphones? pillows?

Hmmm....how are you hitch'n a ride on a cargo carrier?

It may be catered..some aren't, but I'd bring my own just in case. Most people bring books, magazines or laptops for watching DVD movies to occupy their time. MAJOR bonus points if you bring the crew snacks!!

Depending on the type of aircraft there can be any number of jumpseats. Our MD11's, 747's, B767's and A300's have as many as 4-6 jumpseats. Some flights may be full of jumpseaters while others are empty. Just depends on the day of the week and the destination. You may be bumped at the last minute by a company employee.
The loss of the industry-wide jumpseat sucks. I always wanted to jumpseat a UPS flight to see how the operation worked.
Tell me about it! Flight attendants used to be welcomed as jumpseaters on most cargo airlines, not anymore! In fact, a friend of mine who used to jumpseat on freighters all time said they were usually jumping with joy to see a girl! All you had to have was your company ID, and either wear your uniform or dress nicely.

Some freight guys who jumpseated on us (Eagle) used to pass out business cards to the flight attendants to get the word out that we could fly with them. I wish I'd gotten the chance to! It's great to fly for free, but you still have to pay for hotel/food/transportation when you get there!
Thanks Capt. I sent you a PM with how I was hitching a ride. To be honest for a 22 hour flight, it would be more comfy in economy then what I am doing.
OK so this is a very old thread, but ... I'm getting old, so there!

After loading trucks and airplanes for 3 1/2 years at UPS, I finally got the chance to jumpseat on them 3 years after I quit. Rode the 767 from SDF to PHX. After all those nights of running W&B's up to the crew, it was nice to finally be strapped in.

Two of us were jumping, the other guy a DC-8 driver who actually recognized me. He nudged me into the observer seat so I could get a better view of things climbing out, then I hopped back to the fold-down jump for the duration. CA and FO were great guys, we all pretty much did our own thing. I'm looking forward to doing it again someday.