Weekend Written Prep seminars


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I remember getting various advertisements for some company who did seminars that locked you away for two days, pounded all the various written tests information into your head, and then had you take the test at the end of the second day.

I need to take my written, but I really need a refresher on various FARs/random things that will be asked on my Oral, and I figure this is the best way to do it. I dont have time to take a full ground course again, and I learn best in the classroom environment being taught/lectured to, not reading.

Anyone know what Im talking about, and how to find out when the next course is? Thanks!
Probably an American Flyers course. I would save the cash, suck it up, and study.


They have a sweet 1985 stock photo and everything.
Yeah AF will get the job done. I believe it's $295 + another $100 or so for materials. I believe it's $471 after it's all said and done. Typically the course is taught by someone who has taught THAT subject for some time, and they break it down and simplify the material. Only thing I didn't like was you probably will not ace the test, pass yes, but ace, no.
Why don't you lock yourself in your room for two days with a Gleim and exams4pilots.com, for free.

Just took the commercial glider written. Couldn't find any study materials for it, so I just winged it. I passed.

But yeah, spend 2 days with the Gleim or ASA for $15 and you will pass.
I really need a refresher on various FARs/random things that will be asked on my OraL
Then I wouldn't waste time in a crash course for written tests. As silly as it is, they are two entirely different sets of knowledge. Not to mention cramming which multiple choice answer is right is a long way from explaining "describe static stability" to a DPE.

Pick up the "oral exam guide" for the appropriate oral and work your way through that, looking up the answers in the various books you have access to. You'll be much better off and only spend like $10.

As far as your written prep, gleim or ASA's test preps are perfectly fine.
Alright, thanks guys. Guess ill lock myself in the house this upcoming week and bounce from one source of knowledge to another.
That's a way better idea than paying 300 for written prep. Don't waste your money.
You can't beat the overpriced weekend crash courses at AF. No distractions, just you and the task at hand. Cram it in, walk down the hall and pass the test. Looking at the asa stuff and oral books help, but you will need more than a couple of days with them.