We need a spy in Greensboro


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Let's see some pics!!!

Normally, maiden flights are met with great fanfare, but so far Honda
R&D Americas has remained tightlipped about the first flight of its
business jet last Wednesday. "ePilot" was tipped off to the event
shortly after the flight, but Honda officials refused to confirm details.
This follows the pattern of secrecy surrounding the project. Honda
plans to provide more information soon. The HondaJet is a six- to eight-
passenger aircraft featuring Honda-built engines mounted in an unusual
location--high above each wing, away from the fuselage--to provide more
cabin room. The jet is being developed in a leased hangar in Greensboro,
North Carolina.
Oooohhhh mama, now we just gotta put some phat rims on it that look like they're still spinning after it stops, but a nice 27" diameter exhaust pipe on it, throw some beats in the back, add some neon lighting here and there, and put a sticker that says PIMP in old English lettering on the top of the windscreen.
Dude, you forgot the "894-inch Aluminum Wing" on the trunk!

I wonder if they come with ground effect lights in purple or green underneath?? That would be da BOM!!!
I wonder if they come with ground effect lights in purple or green underneath?? That would be da BOM!!!

[/ QUOTE ]

The nav lights are 3 ft. long neons.
I am really actually looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. If they are as innovative in the aeronautical world as they have been in the automotive world, then it really may be something. All kidding aside, I think this is a very exciting time with this emerging personal jet sector. I am hoping the resulting ripple will result in some reduced prices on turbo-props and regular prop airplanes. If Honda is seriously stepping up to compete with the likes of Cessna, Eclipse, Diamond, etc., then all this can mean is good for all.
Can't see many companies buying them.

It would be like buying Honda Civics for it's top executives....

But hey.......who knows..times have changed......anything is possible I guess......
Hey, you can't forget the tacky doyle inside the cockpit that stretches the full length of the windscreen.
Can't see many companies buying them.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm going to have to disagree on that one. If their product is anything like the other personal jets coming out, it will be high in contention at many small, midrange, and large companies, as well as many private owners. There are a lot of companies who now run high end prop planes for smaller hops and less people. These planes are slower, many times have less range, are creeping up in cost to that 1 million mark or over, and do not inspire the same confidence of flight to the non initiated that a jet does.

Granted many big companies will still need a bigger jet to move more people on occasion, but I know that if they had the option to run a smaller less expensive jet when there will be only one or two aboard, they would do it in a heartbeat.

You have to remember, it's all about the bottom line (financial guys) against the execs. I see this as a great compromise. I don't believe that Honda's repution in the 15-20 crowd will even cross the mind of someone looking at a million+ dollar jet. It's a totally different world. Besides Honda has a great repution in everything else they produce.

Not trying to dog on you.....just my thoughts.
I live in Greensboro. I read about the plane in the local paper the other day. I will see if I can spot it and take a pic of it.
Oh geez. That's got to be one of the ugliest aircraft designs on earth!