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Attemping to jump on the VA bandwagon at ATP, I fell and cut my lip, looks like we'll still have to wait for words:

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There's some buzz on the message boards that you are about to be approved for usage of VA benefits, and Part 141 certified. I'm about to begin my flight training as a VA student, and would like details of this if it is true. Projected program start date, locations offered, price, timeline, and any other information is greatly appreciated.
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We are currently pursuing VA approval. At this time, we have very little to offer you in the way of specifics or details. We are not yet in a position to make any statements about dates, availability, prices etc..... Hopefully this process will be complete in the next few months, at which time we can go over all of the details. Don't forget to continue checking our website for more detailed information about our programs and special offers. Thank you for your interest in ATP, Inc.
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In case they are listening...

I would REALLY like it if they can manage to put together a 141/VA approved program similar to the career program they have. Thanks for posting that.
I don't think they will be able to. When I did my 141/VA program they would not pay if I had a passenger, that means safety pilot too. The commercial was either Dual or Solo. I don't know if 141 is different, but the VA is very strict on what they will pay for.
I am looking to attend ATP in the future, hoping to use VA Benefits. Regarding the 141 part, doesn't the VA finance training at Part 61 FBO operations for flight training past private?

If so, why wouldn't/haven't they done so with ATP?
VA does not fund any pilot training in a part 61 environment, and they only fund part 141 if the school is a participant. This is past private, of course. AND even if you are attending a participating 141 school, the VA pays for only 60%, and I'm a little more uncertain about this, but I don't believe you can use VA for the CFI ratings. I got the breakdown from Ari-Ben a few months ago. You can use the MGIB to fund testing at ATP, but other than that I don't believe they'll be securing full VA benefits soon. I may be wrong, but it's a big deal to change your whole format from 61 to 141. I had been hoping to use my MGIB, too, alas...
I understood the rules had changed so that for every 985 of trainig the VA charged you one month.
It is true that they changed the system a while ago to allow for that kind of dispersal, but the qualifications for which it can be dispersed are, as far as I know, still VA-approved part 141 schools only.
I'll buy you a beer ...or whatever if I'm wrong.
I am pretty sure you can use GI Bill for the CFI's. Last I checked it was still only 60% of "approved flight training costs" and for every $985 ($1135 if you contributed the extra $600) that VA pays takes one month of your entitlement.
The VA will only pay for part 141. Even If the school has part 141 programs, they will only pay for a part 141 course, Example: Private, Inst., comm, CFI, CFII are all part 141 but muliti courses are not VA WILL NOT PAY FOR PART 61.
The VA will pay for instructor ratings as long as they are under part 141. I even got the VA to pay for a type rating.

IMHO the VA needs a huge overhaul. Most of the aero clubs are not part 141 anymore. It's a bunch of BS that I can't use my benefits on an air force base. I had to go downtown and pay about $25/hr more for an airplane and $10-15/hr more for an instructor. I think the VA should pay for any program you want. I would have loved to do the ATP program, and I would have if the VA would pay for it, but they don't. I didn't have the money and didn't want to take out a huge loan.
Oh, they'll overhaul the VA, sure enough... right after you get that last month's worth of entitlement for something that was 3rd on your list.
I'm sure you guys already know this... I'm not a veteran but as I recall, you can use your VA benefits for reimbursement of written exams and examiner's fees. I guess the only way that applies to ATP is that it will save you @ $2400 in fees in the Career Pilot Program, and around $390 in fees for an ATP written & practical.

. . .but I don't believe you can use VA for the CFI ratings.

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That all depends on the school that you want to go to. Some schools have 141 programs for instrument and commercial, others for commercial, and still others for private and CFI. It's all based on the school. Many schools don't have a 141 program for the PPL simply because there isn't that much to gain, whereas an instrument student can benefit alot from a 141 program.

As long as a program is 141, you can use VA benefits, whether it's an instrument rating, or a 737 type rating.

I'm sure you guys already know this... I'm not a veteran but as I recall, you can use your VA benefits for reimbursement of written exams and examiner's fees

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You certainly can!! Here is the Link .

I've used it, and it's pretty fill out the form, and send them a copy of your test results (your license, if it's a rating, or your test results if it's a written), and they give you the money!

Remember, you'll be charged a portion of your entitlement for the money, but it beats not getting reimbursed for it!!!

The awesome thing can use this even if it's not for a part 141 school!!!
You're right, it does depend on the school and whether or not their part 141 program is compliant with the VA conditions. Monarch Air in Dallas is a good example of a part 141 school that does not accept MGIB for anything, except the testing part you mentioned. Regardless, VA won't pay for a PPL no matter what the school does, since PPL is regarded as recreational by the VA. I'm not saying that's what you meant, mtsu, I just thought I'd throw that out for expansion. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Thought I would bring this back to life and see if any of you had heard anything new? Yes/No/Maybe/Later???
Dammit Shooter!

When are you coming down to the Aviator to check it out? I'll even offer up the backseat to you! I just passed my Multi-instrument and am still very happy with the VA program here, and I asked but still no GI Bill with ATP . I'll give you the full rundown of our VA Program though, just PM me.