V speed for 182

Off the top of my head, and subject to be wrong since its early: (All in knots)

Vs- 43
Vso- 36
Vr- 60ish
Vx- 63
Vy- 80
Vec (enroute climb)- 85-95
Va- 88-110
Vno- ??? (forgot)
Vne- ??? (forgot that one too)

Best Glide: 62-75 is the range the POH has I think, 70 works well for a quick, easy to remember number.

Approach speeds- 60-70 kts. (usually 70).

You can fly the pattern basically the same speeds as a 172, except a little faster on final. I always taught 90, 80, 60 for downwind, base, final in the 172, and 100, 90, 70 in the 182. Its definitely not a hard airplane to get slowed down, and sinks like a brick compared to the 172.
My POH for a '78 182Q lists these:
(all KIAS)

Vs: 48
Vso: 45
Vr: 50 (normal) 44-49 (short field, weight-dependent)
Vx: 54 (sea level) 62 (10k')
Vy: 78 (sea level) 72 (10k')
Vne: 179
Vno: 143
Va: 89-111
Vfe: 140 (flaps 10) 95 (flaps 20 through 40)
Normal climb-out: 70-80
Short field climb-out, @50': 52-57 (weight-dependent)
Enroute climb: 85-95
Normal approach, flaps up: 70-80
Normal approach, flaps 40: 60-70
Best Glide: 70 (flaps up) 65 (flaps down)
Ah yeah...I should've specified- the numbers I gave are for an 'S' Model (1998). I checked all of my numbers to a little reference card I made when I first started instructing in it, and it looks like they are all correct except Vno and Vne which I forgot, and no longer have the POH for that airplane.