Uniforms at Comair


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Just wondering if any other current students/instructors at Comair had an opinion on the new policy of having the students wear uniforms.

I don't mind the idea, it will make the campus look sharp and will get me used to wearing a uniform for the rest of my career once i become an instructor/first officer/captain.

I hear chicks dig uniforms. My wife said she does anyway....:)
Chicks dig uniforms, right up until you miss their birthday because you got called in on reserve!
Oh man! I was hoping to get a break from uniforms for a couple of months once I get transition from the military to CAA. Oh well, I'll get over it. That was one of the selling points while I was there. That the students didn't have to wear uniforms. Since it is Florida they want the students to be as comfortable as possible.
Funny thing this subject coming up. I was just telling my wife what great service I got at the grocery store the other evening when I stopped to pick up a few things and wearing my pilots uniform. I was asked by two different female cashiers if I was finding everything, I answered yes once and no the second time, I got a female "personal shopper" with that. Coincidence? Maybe but, I don't like to think so. I'll wear a "Roto Rooter" uniform on my next visit and I'll let you know.
Students don't wear uniforms, only instructors. At least it was that way a few months ago. I don't believe they changed it since.

that's the latest, that students will be in blue (the old instructor uniform color) and the instructors will be black and white with gold bars. it is to start by the end of february i think.

the name is changing to delta connection academy also, at least that is the rumor. starting on feb. 3rd, all of our airplanes will go by "connection ###" when flying locally in orlando's airspace...
Tracey, the Director of Admissions had mentioned the name change during his presentation at the AOPA Expo in PSP. Talked to my admissions rep yesterday. As far as the uniforms go, the students will begin wearing the blue uniforms that the instructors are currently wearing. There will be shoulder boards. I forgot to ask about wings. The instructors will be going to the white uniform. Same exact uniform as the Comair line pilots wear. I guess it will make the school look more proffessional.
ha ha! welcome to the dork club! At least you get to wear blue. Our uniforms (for students) have ugly grey pants.


The instructors are getting uniform changes, but it seems that it is not mandatory for students at the satellite bases. Although Sanford would like to see all students wearing uniforms, they are currently trying to gauge student opinion on the issue (at least over here in HWO).
Thanks for the reply Chris! Not that it makes any difference but either way it's fine with me! I guess we need to learn how to look respectful at some point!
Well for those of you that want to know we finally know what the uniforms are like (since we are now wearing them)! We were kinda kept in the dark about the changes right until the day before, so until Wednesday I didn;t know what my uniform was gonna be like the next day.
Instructors got Black pants, white shirt, black tie and new epaulettes. The epaulettes are still silver but on black background. We also got a new black name plate. All brand new and courtesy of Comair! We're all looking pretty sharp :)
As far as the students go, I've yet to see a student in uniform as I'm down in Broward. But I read about it officially in the new PIF. Student's where the old instructor uniforms, as predicted. However, they don't wear wings or name plates. As far as epaulettes, it works like this: Student pilot has no stripes, private pilots have one stripe, instrument rated pilots 2 and commercial pilots 3.
Personally I like the new unis. They really make the place look sharp and I didn't have to stress over what to wear to my stagecheck today. lol. The new student epaulettes have light blue stripes instead of the silver bars that the old instructor uniforms had. Only the flight portion of my commercial stagecheck and then FAA and I will have my third stripe!
I agree. I like the new uniforms as well. Hopefully the extras I ordered will arrive soon. One uniform doesn't go a long way between washings! I've also heard that you'll get a discount on lunch at CiCi's pizza if you are in uniform. It may not be much, but every dollar counts!
All you need at CiCi's is your student ID actually. It also gets you the student discount at the Movie Theatre.
Wow, never heard of such priveleges! If a student I.D. gets you that, I wonder what the Instructor I.D> gives ya

I wouldn't eat at CiCi's pizza in Sanford for free!

Unless, of course, you like salmonella and mushroom pizza.
Hmmm, I don't really like mushrooms so much, but......
Actually it wasn't that bad last time I went and it is a buffet, so as a student you can stuff yourself and just eat once that day... saving those $$$ you know.