El Chupacabra
Well, we might have some new twins in my family soon. Unfortunately, it is not without its complications. My sister-in-law and the babies have been doing great so far during her pregnancy, but she just got admitted to the hospital today with, as my mother told me, "severe" preeclampsia. As of right now, she is sitting in the hospital until the babies arrive. Could be three days, could be three weeks, we're not sure. If they are born this week, which seems most probable, the twins would be 9 weeks early. While premature births are fairly uneventful these days, it's still scary for my family, and I can only imagine what my brother must be feeling like. So I guess I'm saying please keep my family in your prayers, we can use all the help we can get!
Oh, sorry to hear that. Hopefully, everything will be ok. 9 weeks early sounds bad, but with the advancements made over the years, it's not as bad as it once was. My twins were 5 weeks early and turned out fine. I work with a young male FA who recently told me he was about 9 weeks early (maybe a bit more). He's 6'5" and is healthy as a horse!
Prayers said for all involved, though. Good luck and keep us posted. :)