Trim failure out of DAL

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Well, depending on where it was trimmed at, it may be in a sub-optimal, ran away for a bit, who knows.

I'm not about to say "We're in Mechanical Backup Law" and start describing the total system failure situation.

"Need to return to the field. Flight control problem. Declaring an emergency"
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Never claimed they weren’t. I’m just talking about your fake disgust at her actions, which wouldn’t prevent you from voting for her if given the opportunity.
Strait up panic and pants crapping over a non life-threatening emergency. That is a hallmark look into the lack of experience being hired by companies right now.
Quick questions: Have you ever flown a C680 with a dual trim failure?
Is it an easily manageable situation?
Sounded to me like he was stressed but also a bit winded…flight control pushing back maybe?

They landed and walked away…all good in my book!
I laughed at Citation and "QRH", no such thing. Those coming from a 121 background laugh at the emergency checklist and how its structured.
Veins protruding from CC’s forehead

Yep, he’s right. Corpies gon Corp.
Never claimed they weren’t. I’m just talking about your fake disgust at her actions, which wouldn’t prevent you from voting for her if given the opportunity.

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I’ve experienced a pitch trim failure on takeoff. No mechanical backup (Metro). Aircraft rotated itself 10kt early. Continued pitching up as airspeed increased. Ended up with both arms locked out, pushing as hard as I could. Could only take my right hand off for a second to try to reduce power for airspeed. Probably sounded a little stressed calling SLC ATC for an immediate emergency return for landing. On downwind, as my arms began to shake, I realized that if I took my hands off the controls, I’m dead for sure. Somehow, I managed to bring it around and landed, pushing forward about 50% max on touchdown. Although it was about 0600 in January in SLC, when I cleared the runway, I realized my shirt was soaked…Soo…

Went MUCH better the second time this happened!!!
Yes, I was looking to get educated on that topic.

No you weren’t. Here’s the rest of your post where you were “looking to get educated”:

Even if trim failed, at a low airspeed, not sure how it would be a big deal. Assuming the takeoff trim was set, and it failed there (which it sounds like it did), keep the power in check and use the elevator. Sounds like they did just that to an easy looking circuit and landing.

Oh well. Corpies gonna Corp. Glad it worked out okay.
I hear some pilots on the radios that talk like this on the regular, I dont understand why. Something like this, im more understanding. What we can take away from this is that ATC isnt aware of the details of systems and keeping it simpler will make your life easier.