Top FAA Flight Standards guest speaker in my class


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I am working on my Masters in Systems Engineering with a specialization in Air Transport Systems. In one of my classes, we had a guest speaker. He is one of the top managers in the Flight Standards Services group (the General Aviation and Commercial Division).

He had a lot of interesting things to say and he answered a lot of my questions. He made it clear that they are very unhappy with the TSA and Secret Service and they clash all the time. And yes, the TSA has the power to order the FAA to revoke a Pilot's certificates. Good to know he is looking out for us GA pilots!

He also said that a new Instrument PTS will be coming out. And the Instrument check ride will change a lot. They are going to include auto-pilot and the new technologies like GPS in the test. Instrument students, better learn to use that auto-pilot! I am not instrument rated yet so I wouldn't know how the current test is given.

They are spending a lot of time and money on studying why GA pilots are still killing themselves on final approactes in instrument conditions.

We had field trips planned to the Leesburg TRACON and Central Flow Control Facility in Herndon, VA. However they are not letting any one in now due to the hightened security.