The Turkey goes commercial


Fetus Worshiper
Not much to report other than I started commercial ground today. And of course we started with the FAR's, exciting stuff. I haven't started the flight training yet, but I should in the next day or so. I'll let you know how it goes.

The Turk
I am doing commercial single first, so I'll use the Arrow. Then I'll add on commercial multi. in the Seminole.

One week of ground school under my belt, and I haven't learned anything new, asside from some commercial FAR's. We have a 30 question quiz on Monday on aerodynamics and engine's.

The Turk.
Well done Turk! Keep on keeping on. Hopefully you'll have that instructor rating soon!
I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Commercial ground is almost done. I have a 30 question quiz on Friday, then the final exam on Monday.

As for the flying portion of my commercial training, I haven't done much due to the crappy WX we have been having lately. I did finally get 2 flights in the Arrow, and as much of a dog as it is, it is a nice stable flying airplane. I got the steep turns, slow flight, stalls, short and soft field landings down pat, and I did one power off 180 to a landing (which l didn't make, due to flying too wide a pattern on downwind.) I was going to work on that and other maneuvers today, but more T-storms arrived. Bummer...

The Turk.
I did finally get 2 flights in the Arrow, and as much of a dog as it is, it is a nice stable flying airplane.

it must be a dog after at semionle
Passed the final exam in ground school today, thank God that is over with. Now I have 3 flights left in my commercial training. Started the chandelle and lazy 8's Saturday and I have a pretty good handle on them. I had a little trouble with my first attempt at a steep spiral today, but we did have 20kt winds gusting to 25kts, higher at altitude, so I had trouble keeping my spot in view and I was getting blown all over the place. But I made up for it with a kick but X-wind landing. I'll try again tomorrow and I will start 8's on pylons...

The Turk.
x-winds mean nothing, the manuever sucks period. In the AFH, you really don't need to keep the point in sight always. Especially when you are CFI canidate, you can put it on your side. And its really hard for Mr Mc. to notice. Don't worry to much about it, just get it close..Good luck Turk.
he was known for doing the steep spiral, and breack out of it into final for an emergency landing...combo thinger.
I took the FAA written today, did pretty good, in fact I scored higher on the commercial written than I did on the private written. It took me about an hour to complete, nothin to difficult.

I had an interesting experience today. I took off from runway 9 in the Arrow with my instructor, for some practice short/soft field landings. We were downwind, abeam the numbers when I lowered the gear, added flaps and reducede the throttle to 17", when the engine went right to idle. I advanced the throttle and nothing happened! I thought UH-OH, a real power off 180! After about 3-4 seconds the engine developed more power, but I was already headed for the runway. I reduced the throttle to descend for landing, and again it went all the way to idle. So I left it there, landed, and right after landing the engine quit. We had enough momentum to roll off the runway on to a taxiway. We tried to restart the engine but no luck. We sat on taxiway bravo just off the runway. I called the tower and let em know we were stuck. Then I called dispatch, and 10 minutes later maint. rolled out with the tow.

That was the first real problem I have had in an airplane. I just thank God we were in the pattern when it happened. When I find out what happened to the airplane, I'll let you know.

The Turk.
had my engine quit right after exiting onto bravo during my commercial when i was there...had to have the tug come get us too. good thing you were in the pattern when that happened turk
That was a pretty interesting day with you Turk. You guys were very calm and handled it very professionally as far as I could tell. You never made a big deal out of it, just got the job done.
So, with that said, I am going to take over your forum for a minute and ask you to tell all the other students that it was great working with them and you...along with the instructors and I wish you all the best of luck in the airline industry!!! PanAm decided to "down-size" today and even tho I wasn't the lowest one on the totem pole, nor did I not not do my job, but since I wasn't and ever claimed to be "corporate" I was let go. I don't know, there's just something about kissing a** that I don't like!!!! I REALIZE the fact I am not better than anyone else, somewhere in the "corporate" world that gets lost!!!
So guys, very sincerely, working with you all was one of the best jobs I have ever had. I will truly miss helping you out each day, applauding your accomplishments, feeling your disappointments and just generally being involved in your lifes....It was definetly MY pleasure, we had lots of good laughs!!!!
Good luck!!!
Wow! you too? The industry is getting worse before it gets better, and it is all trickling down hill to the flight schools. I know some instructors were let go today also. Things better pick up or they are going to start firing students too.(ie ATA) Casaosa, I am sorry to see you go. I know the feeling, I was downsized by a corporation also, that's part of the reason why I decided to change careers and become a pilot. I guess it never ends.

The Turk.

P.S. the airplane was N283PA
Turk...I don't know, see I question that, the downsizing. Cause only a couple of months ago Chuck Glass was in there telling us that PA would pull off a profit. I look at this as more like the Stepford Wives. Theres some major brain washing and game playing going on...we'll see how far it gets!!! But they made sure they got rid of someone from every department to cover their a**es...I had respect when I was there and I covered for them in these forums when I thought there was wrong information out here but I certainly don't approve of their firing practices!!! Lost all that respect today that is for sure!!!! They should have gotten rid of the employees that didn't cut it, but they didn't, they got rid of the ones who wouldn't say how high when they said jump!!! But, your in a different position, so keep up the good work and I will definetly keep my eyes on here....
With the distraction of the firings Friday, I forgot to mention that I passed my commercial stage check. In fact, to prove that you too can complete the Pan Am program on time and near budget, I finished under 250 hours. I was 1.5 hours short of 250. So today I went on a short solo X-country to put me just over 250TT. I'll have my check ride as soon as it can be scheduled, probably early next week. Then I'll jump right into my commercial multi add-on.

The Turk.
Turk, how are you so privileged to know what day and time your checkride is so far in advanced?

Wed=a know what I mean.

Good luck