the better school?


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What is the better school? Pan Am, or Flight Safety. I have heard so many good things about both, and also so many bad things about both. I am trying to base my decision on the costs, facilities, guarantees, and people's opinions. Can you help me out? I want to make the right decision.


What have you heard good and bad about FSI? I can tell you if the 'goods and bads' about FSI are true. I don't know much about PanAm, otherwise known as "that school 10 miles to the south", though.
If you have to ask.....

Just kidding...well, not really.

I drove by PAIFA last weekend. Talked to some misguided student who hadn't the foggiest idea about the realities of the industry. He was too busy chain-smoking. All new facilities, air-conditioned planes, if that matters to ya.

FSI has a better rep industry wide. Realize that FSI isn't just in Vero Beach, it's world-wide. It's not just primary training, in fact that's only a very small part of their business. FSI trains Air Force One's crew, for goodness sake!

No one can decide for you....visit both and decide for yourself. Don't believe marketing hype!

A/C matters to me. When your doing all those ground refernce manuvers day after day in the summer you'll wish for A/C. I sure did. But, I still wouldn't go to Pan Am.