Thank you, Jetcareers!


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I’m getting inducted into the Delta Chairman’s Club class of 2021 this week in Atlanta.

Without you guys it really wouldn’t have happened, and this is why. Time after time again, other honorees from other parts of the company, including a lot of my chief pilots and flight operations leadership would say “if not for your website, I wouldn’t be where I am today” or “I flew with a (captain/first officer) that talked about Jetcareers and it’s what got them into aviation.

So thank YOU guys! This is for all of us.

I get my name on a jet, hopefully not a 737, but if you see this out on the line, it’s for you guys:

I’ll post more photos of the festivities at Instagram as @DergCap : Login • Instagram
No... Thank You Sir !!! You have continually gone above an beyond for anyone willing to listen. and even some of those that don't listen.. My son still talks about the trip Flat Stanley took with you when you were on the A330.
Joined here when I was discharged from active duty with the army national guard, trying to find my first flying job. Only a few year later I’m now at a legacy carrier flying buses around. Thanks for creating this resource @Derg!
found this place 14 plus years ago, when searching on how to get my FCC license to apply to the airlines (when you only needed a wet commercial)

Well deserved! @Derg
Congratulations to the honorable chairman from the great state of Arizona, couldn't happen to a better person! Very well deserved and earned.

THANK YOU, this website has launched/improved the careers of so many people and created countless friendships along the way, its always cool to hear from people how either information or friendships created from this site helped launch their pilot career- I know it certainly helped me learn about the industry when I found it when I was in high school. JC is truly one of the best aviation communities around.

おめでとう !
Thank YOU, sir. This place got me in to 'Spatchin, 7 or 8 years ago now, and it's certainly been a wonder networking and building relationships across the industry.

Congrats to you and Kristie on the award! You both have dedicated so much time and energy to the aviation community. I'm glad to see your efforts recognized.