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Hey bud...I worked for them in Anchorage, but was in the Acft Mx department. What position are you going for? Now mind's been several years since I worked for them.


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I've heard interesting things about Swissport. Some good, some not so good. Basically it's some of the lowest pay on the airport and you may not get the hours you want.

I used to work for Evergreen for a few years but that was a while ago, I don't know much about the place anymore but if the guy in charge is who I think it is it probably wouldn't be a good idea to go there.

I've seen line jobs advertised at both Signature and Million Air lately; check them out.

Check out Airline Support. They have a TON of vans that they do crew transfers in. OK pay to start, you usually get tips, get to meet a lot of pilots, and don't have to work outdoors a whole lot.

Any other questions PM me.


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So weird you posted this today TALLFLYER...I just applied to work for them part time at ANC...hey "ASpilot2be" I just had an interview with them in Anchorage today... I assume you are already working for them since you posted this in SEPT! I am kind of interested in what your job with them is. Maybe I will see you around the place? I think this will bring good aviation experience.