SWA Landing gear collapse at LGA

Wolf Blitzer is on it. We'll have a definitive, conclusive and technical analysis from him shortly.

Ah. The "beard of stupidity".

How long until CNN starts explaining why YOU"RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!, since this is clearly almost identical to the SFO accident?
I hope that pilot, "Hu wi LAN tis tang" is sitting at home with a Brandy and a Cigar!

Haven't had the interest in turning on CNN, but I feel very confident that they, and the A- Nutters have already closed the investigation on this incident. And, with that, America is informed!!
retro AA maybe?

Already have, the AstroJet:

Lots of people listen to Blitzer, I demand CNN silences him! :)

I've met Wolf Blitzer and his wife on a Shuttle flight. A class act.

I'm not a fan, but can't deny he is a decent human being.

Racial Maddow and her ilk, don't know if I can say the same.