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Hello everyone

I am thinking about career change - become an airline pilot(cargo or passenger). Based on the info I gather, here is my thinking. I am 33 years old who is tired to be hold accountable for someone else's performance ( I have no control over). Just pass my 1st class medical. I also have college degrees. I know the airlines are not hiring at this moment.

I am considering attend big flight school for flight training, such as Delta Connection, Pan Am...etc. From what I was informed, it is also an expensive training. However, I do confident that economic will turn around and airlines will start hire again soon. I would like to hear everybody's opinions, critics...etc Thanks in advance.

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It all depends on if you feel that an academy will offer you what you need in order to get to where you want to go. I've done the FBO route, but I felt that an academy was more to my style of training, structured and 100% focus on flying every day. I chose DCA and I'm really excited to get there and get to work. What kind of job do you do know? I read that you were tire of being held resposible for others actions. I know what you mean.
I think my jobs real cool, but in a lot of ways you're still held responsible for things that you have no control over. Just that you have a thicker layer of teflon!
Personally, I choose to stay in this "corporate rat-race" to make enough money to do what I love(If you don't know what I love, it's flying). I am training to get my commercial and plan to do it in ATP's 10 month program. I already have my PPL, which allows me to enjoy flying as a weekend warrior. Plus, I have something to look forward to and that also pushes me through those 5 day stretches.
Basically, much won't be made as a pilot until some quality jet time is under your belt and/or you get enough seniority. Plus that is if you get hired. I don't particularly trust a full-time dedication to training when most of the aviation industry isn't hiring pilots. I have a better chance getting hired into I.T. than as a jet pilot.
Ideally, I like the idea of getting offered a jet piloting gig and being able to turn it down if it doesn't pay well enough since I have another gig.
As far as the politics of a job, from what I hear it's all over the place in every industry. You say you don't like being responsible for others actions, boy, you've got a surprise coming.
Like I said, this is what I choose to do, the ultimate choice is yours and your family. Also, where would this world be if some weren't risk-takers!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I agree with Doug's idea. But when my salary is involved with someone's performance. I don't think
I am 33 years old who is tired of being held accountable for someone else's performance ( I have no control over).

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Sounds like being an airline captain to me. Or even an FO.