still no e-qip access


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Okay, I know this has been covered briefly in another thread, but I am starting to get a little anxious about not getting e-qip access yet. I filled out my forms, scanned them and emailed them last Friday 10/17. How many of you guys have NOT received access yet? :confused:

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I still have not received mine either, but i didn't turn mine in until Monday, and I emailed it. I requested a read receipt and finally got that today around four o'clock.


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why Create a new thread for the e-QIP? Why not just say you haven't gotten I in the other e-QIP thread??????? I don't get it!

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I also haven't recieved it. I sent back my 306 last friday afternoon and got a read receipt today around 3:30pm. So hopefully next week.


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You could try to visit the e-qip site and see if it accepts you. Fill everything out, ask your HR contact if that's OK before you authorize the final release.

Maybe it'll work maybe it won't. Either way it's tied to your social, so its not like you'd be filling out someone else's form.

Dude, stop treating this forum like you own it. It's getting annoying.
I thought he did own the forum. Why else would he be so openly insulting? :confused:


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Got E-qip access today, they said its talking a little longer because they
are swamped with emails and correspondence

If you haven't heard anything yet email the 9-awa-ash email address


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I also received my e-QIP invite today. I was getting worried since I had sent in my OF306 last Friday (10/17) in the morning...