in other words - HI!
I'm talking! Where have you flown lately? MHT again? I'm headed back up to that area tomorrow. Geez it's going to be cold...

What's everyone's favorite midnight snack? In other words, should I go open that bag of cool ranch doritos i have sitting in the car?
Ok... It's 24 degrees outside right now, but I ran out to my car in the street, in my socks, cause... well.... "you gotta want to doritos" (said as chris walken would have said it in his best "bruce dickinson" voice).
A good snack?

Slice some fresh mozzarella (not the dry variety), get some ripe roma tomatoes and some basil and alternate between cheese slice, basil leaf, roma tomato in a plate. Mix together some balsamic vinegar adn some extra-virgin olive oil and top the mixture with it. A little salt and pepper and voila! Caprese salad!
That sounds a lot more complicated than opening a bag of chips... in fact i dont think i have any of that stuff!!
We just got done with a fondue party. You probably would have enjoyed it Doug if you like the whole tomato/basil/mozz salad. It was a marinara fondue with bread, meatballs, chicken strips, veggies, olives, mozz chunks, etc. plus of course chocolate for dessert.
I wonder if Dorritos would be good dipped in fondue....hmmm......
Traffic is way up here. I can't keep up anymore. I take a peek every few days or so and the entire page is all new threads. Which is great! Lots of new people too
im one of them slackers, i spend hours on here a day, but yet not that much evidence with posts, im lazy! but it will change soon, i can see it lol.
I'm here also like all day and all night. This place is addicting. But most addicting of all is seeing you number of post grow in number everyday I'm almost @ 200 now. It's like crack baby...

Okay, I'll say something. Check out how fast I can type... ready, go


Now that was fast!!!!