For Sale Sprint wireless data card/phone line


Mama Bear....
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I have a sprint wireless data card and account that i want to get rid of. Right now, it's on a $9.99 cent (1MB transfer) plan because i'm not using the card anymore.

Sprint says I can transfer the entire account with no problem (no fee either).

The wireless data card is the Merlin EX720 Novatel Wireless Card (Broadband) and can be used on any laptop anywhere sprint gets service (not overseas). I think i still have the original box and manual for it, just need to take a look in the garage.


I bought the card/service 2 years ago which means when the transfer goes there, there will be NO contract because i used up the 2 year contract it was on. I guess they're playing their part in keeping customers :clap:

The account comes with the data line, phone line (yes, you could hook up a sprint phone to the line and get service that way) as well as the data card.

Anyways, I bought the card at about $200...i'm willing to transfer the service and phone line for free (you take on the $9.99 payments) and sell the card for $50 or for barter (product for service) with free shipping (depending on local). I'm willing to negotiate too, just don't lowball me cuz it's still an EXCELLENT resource for traveling.

It works perfectly fine...just that now that i haven't been working and have an iphone to use when i do get my next job PLUS the 2 yr committment is over (!!), i don't need to access my laptop through other means anymore.

Let me know if you're interested.