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I am going to make a run at creating a business on two "fading" areas: Print media and General Aviation.

The magazine will be a completely free, ad-supported, bi-monthly magazine based on what's going on in the flying community in the Middle Tennessee / Southern KY area. Topics, of course, will not be restricted to local - but the distribution and advertising will be focused in this area. We are hoping to be carried in local FBO's, Flight Schools, and Pilot Owned Businesses.

Doug has graciously allowed me to share this here, so let me tell you what we're aiming for:

We need contributors. Writers, pictures, etc. The pay is TBD (and won't be very much to start), but I can offer ad-space in exchange, etc. If you have something you think people might like to thumb through while sitting around the FBO, I'm all ears. My goal is to keep the magazine very light and entertaining. The pay publications out there do a great job of in-depth heavy coverage.

Also aiming to provide an "Announcements and Classifieds" section. Announcements for CFI's to put their student's pictures in the magazine when they achieve solos, ratings, etc. Classifieds for plane sales, people looking to split time, sell headsets, iPads, etc. I plan on making these sections as absolutely cheap as possible.

Finally, the plan is to help CFI's get their name out there. I will be trying a "CFIs Should Make More Money" program where Instructors can basically be on "stand-by" for ad space at a very discounted rate. Basically, if we need to fill the space - we plug an instructor in.

The idea isn't to make a ton of money at this. It is an attempt to break even on an organic form of creating excitement about flying. If you're interested in pitching in - e-mail me at

Thank you Doug and Staff! I won't be littering the board pimping the magazine, so please keep in touch with us on and Twitter @SouthernFlightM

Ideas are always welcome!
Good luck in your endeavor. But please, use Pacific Flyer as an example of what NOT to do.