Southern Air files for Chapter 11


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I hope they don't furlough any dispatchers, but if you work there and feel like you're on the bubble, it might be a good time to polish up that resume and send it out to FedEx/United/whoever else is hiring right now. Hopefully they will emerge from this a stronger company.


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Yikes! I had missed that one. Sorry to hear about it, but properly conducted, a Chapter 11 can ensure the company is properly set for the future. I've been through a couple of them myself over the years, though, and I know they aren't any fun. Good luck!


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Sorry to hear that, AS840.

If Southern downsized on dispatchers past our current staffing level, the FAA would be none too pleased. As a matter of fact, at the present time, there are only 3 job openings in the whole company and one is for a dispatcher. I think the company will emerge stronger in the end.


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Sad to see old birds being parked. The panel on the classic was really something.


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I was there for BK'03... furloughed/laid off - good luck to all! I miss traveling all over the world with SAI.