Soft Field Takeoff - Russian Style

Stone Cold

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It looked more like thick (very thick) slush to me. I doubt you'd see much mud when there is that much snow on the ground. Hey, it's UTAir...what do you expect? Maybe it was spring and all of the snow was melting, but from the quick look at the video I had, it did not look like the snow bank was melting to me.

* I did not read the comments, just casual observations, and having flown into some "less than desirable airports" over here, I could see how this airline could end up in this video...


Ahh! This is how I change this!
They should have at least gotten the nose out of the mud. I think that might've helped a little bit.

Roger Roger

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In that first video, I kept thinking that they were just dragging along because of the mud and as soon as they broke free of that it would climb out pretty nice...but no...if one could judge accurately just by watching the climbout (not having flown that plane, I can't) I would have guessed they were about 15% overweight.