SkyWest hiring...

Ive applied but havent heard anything back. I had my test and got my dispatcher certificate on November 19th and applied later that day. They did have a field for your certificate number and I have no idea what I was supposed to put there since I have my temporary.
Justin, I'm in the same boat. I got mine on November 16th and applied shortly thereafter. I put "pending", since that's what my temporary says.
I also haven't heard anything back (not even an automated acknowledgment).
I really can't tell you if they have invited folks to interviews yet or not... I know there is a class that is just beginning their comp checks right now, and there was a new admin who took over and they are usually the ones who will call you to set up interviews. I do believe that they wanted the class in early February but the timeline may have been moved up. I would expect interviews before Christmas holiday...
I hear SkyWest is a great company to work for and they fly for everyone and operate in a warm climate wish I had the opportunity to work there as my first dispatching job. I also hear its not a easy in you gotta know your stuff ! One of the best starting pay though for all the express carriers.
PLj, CPZ, nyk: Thanks for the input!

(Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Dispatch job...preferably with Skywest...)
The "Pending" certificate number shouldn't be an issue for you guys.. I just got hired and I still have my paper cert.
Sorry to confuse- I'm not working at skywest, I was hired at RP, but it was the same scenario with my paper cert. But, thanks!

No worries - you'll get good experience there also! Really enjoy flying on those E170s.

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Just a heads up for anyone applying or thinking about it in the future... Today SkyWest and SADA (our dispatchers association) agreed to and announced a 2.5% pay increase to take effect Jan 1, 2014.