Shots from Korea


All the responsibility none of the authority
Just a few snapshots I took this last week:

The immediate area where we stay:

On the road to Itaewon:

US Embassy:

Aftermath from a beef protest:

Welcome to Itaewon (shopping district by the Army Base)

...and a little taste of home....



Gastrointestinally Challenged juicy girls? Oh wait, judging by the heels in front of Cold Stone you may have found one :D


Gastrointestinally Challenged
I saw more in my 12 hours in Honkers than I've seen in all my time here. :rolleyes:
Hmmm...those were all fine upstanding students leading the Bible study I think, or paying for school, or grandma is sick at home, the family bakery burned down, etc etc.

All of these problems can be solved with the purchase of a Tequila Rock 'N Roll.


Unknown Member
Nice shots. I, too, am surprised by how clear the sky is. Must have been just after the typhoon?