SFO again…

I am surprised no one mentioned my friend with the accent at JFK yet. Every time I mention to a pilot that I worked there they bring her up.
SFO Tower Again (again)…

View: https://youtu.be/DrRGde5J8mo

These guys are becoming a consistent stream of content for these VASAaviation type YouTubers.

The conversation between the pilot and Norcal approach after the 2nd go around saying they were 100% in agreement with the pilot was interesting. Sounds like internal avenues of communication between Norcal and the tower must not be going well if they’re willing to talk about it on frequency and encouraging the pilot to file a report.
Kennedy Steve was the best.

Does anyone remember the controller that used to work Toledo approach at night in the early 2000's. She had a great voice and would have fun with the freighters.
Speaking of controllers with distinctive voices - there's a NY Approach controller (usually 120.05 or 120.8) who sounds exactly like Lenny Bruce. I swear he does the voice on purpose.
I briefed my FO on the arrival be ready for a go around apparently there is something about SFO and go arounds. Both aircraft behind us went around for some reason.

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To be fair I feel like there’s basically 4 controller voices that they all have to choose from when they go to training.
Pretty sure that used to be the case, just like it used to be on radio and TV. Nowadays, sometimes listening to radio sounds like calling customer service.