Richard Branson plans US Budget Airline


What did we do wrong to deserve this? VS is quite easily the worst airline I have flown! It is like a charter airline and caters to the same crowd!! I would never fly this new US based one either!!


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YAY!!!!!!! Sure we can all be happy with the low wages and other crap that will come along with this "LOW COST" airline.

There are soooo many reasons why this is not cool with me!!!

I'll never fly on them....that's for sure!


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Hmm, seems interesing. Hopefully they don't based this sucker in New York, or anywhere in that area, myabe FL? What would they name it? Virgin America?


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In Australia we have Virgin Blue and I guess the blue has to do with having a flag mainly consisting of blue. Since the American flag consist mostly of red it kind of makes sense as to why they would pick Virgin Red.

!You're right Iain. It does sound like a wine or a brand of


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Bransons an eclectic and interesting guy, but I'd rather read about him on page two of the London Times, than see his underpaid and overworked crews in Terminal B.