Request for a video:

Stone Cold

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:DRVSM Airspace.

1000' Vertical, opposite direction or close to it video
Going to IAH tomorrow...I'm sure I'll be able to get it for ya if nobody else has it. Unfortunately, it's an old crappy digital camera and doesn't give the actual feeling of what it's really like...


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I'm trying I'm trying!

If someone could "set it up" and give a brother some notice, I'll break out the camera! :)


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I haven't been flying much, and what I have been has been in the -200 which in the summer heat won't make it up that high mostly.

I know this isn't at all what you want probably, but here's all I've got in my archive. 1000 feet separation at 310 and 320 (I think) somewhere east of MEM heading to LIT.



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No idea. That was about 6 months ago now. From how bright the strobes AREN'T, it's not an EMB 170/190.