Republic Files Chapter 11


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Very legit.

To say a lot of people saw it coming would be an understatement.

Standing by for what usually happens when one of these things occurs.

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I'm not privy to anything 121...but wasn't this recently one of the higher paying regionals? What will this do to the pilots there? I see opinions saying people need to get into the regionals early for the future they can offer but are ANY airlines safer than non 121 jobs from bankruptcy, failure, furlough, reduction of benefits, etc.? Are the same airlines from 5, 10+ years ago following a steady upward progression, haven't even "majors" from the past failed or furloughed pilots?

I honestly don't know a thing about this, but I couldn't go to a regional now because of the pay cut, and I've seen people on this site say "You can't afford to NOT go if you're looking at things long term." But is that GUARUNTEED? Does anyone know if that long term payout will actually happen?


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I feel bad for the pilot group, but they offered a terrible (at least with Frontier) product.