Rental in MS/AL/LA area


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Looking to rent a Bonanza, Piper Arrow or similar high performance single in the MS/AL area, or possibly as far as eastern LA. Anyone know of a good place to do this?
Once you get into these higher performance aircraft, the insurance companies want time in type. Years ago, I had to get 10 in a Bonanza to meet the insurance requirements. I know there is a 182RG on the coast, but you need a 5 hr checkout if you don't have 25 in type.
I have a friend who flies a mooney out at Huntsville Flight Center at HSV. Supposedly it's in good shape. Then there's the arrow that I used to fly at 5M0.
Thanks for the helps guys, I think Birmingham would certainly be do-able. Insurance mins shouldn't be an issue (have a decent amount of hours in both a/c), though it has been a while since I have done any light GA/piston engine flying (or flared for landing for that matter) so that could be a bit sporty to get back into. Looking forward to it though!

Re: arrow vs. bonanza, I agree that they aren't totally in the same league, but I'm just looking for something that is a bit more of a cross country bird than the typical cessna 172RG you see at FBO's.....that and I recall really hating cessnas.
No they don't have the arrow anymore. It just came off rent this week. But albertville, alabama now has a Commanche 250 for rent.