quick question for anyone who knows?


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Hey anyone attending UND at the moment please help. I need to get Erich Martins E-mail address try to send it to me in my e-mail which is pilotnwdl1@aol.com Thank you much! p.s. shawn hows it going so far?cold damn! when are we going to get snow man? :rolleyes
.s.s Erich martin works with enrollment or admissions services,real funny guy!

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Here it is


If you go to www.und.edu there is a e-mail search function there that can help if you need another address.

Erich was the RHD (resident hall director) in the dorm I lived in my freshman year. Really cool guy, busted me once or twice, though.

I havent see him since last summer. If you talk to him tell him "Chicago" says hello.



NCAA DII National Football Champs.

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