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I think the bigger question is: WH Y ARE YOU WEARING A DRESS??????

Actually, the guy looks like Andy Kaufman.


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Well Hi again guys!!

Iain u looked gr8 in `84..

Hey here's a new one i got to share with yu guys. A Family friend suddenly made a remark which threw me back to square 1 of consoling my parents..He said he knew a lot of pilots (I must say he hasnt even seen a airliner )...This is what he said

" Dont make him a pilot. You are from a diplomatic family (we).Do you want to see your son flirting around with those air-hostesses (No FAs in india)??? Better think abt it..after all its only DRIVING a Plane !!!

Tell me folks should i bury him alive or Burn him the traditional way???


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I'm also an "only child" and my father died when I was 10. My mom never said "don't fly" but I knew from an early age she wanted me to focus on a "safe" job like music, which I was also into. I asked for flying lessons when I was around 12-13, but she said it was awfully expensive which probably was true but I took it as a "no way you're going to fly" comment. I pursued music, enjoying it, but still wishing to fly. Everytime I'd talk about it, even in high school, she'd look slightly worried and say "Oh well that's a responsible job" or "well of course that *is* a dangerous job" and things that are probably nothing more than a loving mother being a loving mother, but of course I took it as an excuse to be pissed off. After 3 years of post-college failure in the music field, I decided I was living on my own, doing my own thing, so why not? I started taking flying lessons secretly, then told her I was thinking of doing it (after I'd had about 5-6 hours already) and she was interested, and I felt only marginally supportive. I think it was simply her being scared to realize that I was fulfulling my dream and I would no longer be the same..she only expressed more interest when I became more "serious" about it (in her eyes): When I spent a few days in Florida looking at some flight schools I think she realized this was for real...I wasn't going to just stick with my private license; I was going to make a go of it. Since then she's been incredibly supportive financially and emotionally, and says she looks forward to riding as a passenger on a flight I'm flying one day!! I even took her flying last summer and flew over the house...she loved that. I can't offer advise since every family dynamic is different; but I thought I'd just share my personal experience; mothers (and fathers) are naturally protective and biased; it's natural, and you have to hope they're also understanding. I'm sure (even if she won't tell me) my mom loves the fact I'm flying because it's an impressive thing to do, and at the same time hates it because she goes to bed at night not knowing if I'm in the air somewhere happily enjoying the night or in a raging storm fighting to find the runway, or hanging out at home with my girlfriend.

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Does anyone know who the politician holding me is?


Is it Tony Clifton? Or how about Latka Gravas?


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I justy wanted to say i wanted to be a pilot since i could remeber.

But never said anything to my parents until i became 14.

kind of a long time. When my mom heard the news she was kinda stuneed. (im 16 now) We come from a cristian family and my mom says to me all the time

"you will get married and your wife wont like you being away 4 to 3 days at a time"

Sheez talk about worried. And after what happend Sep.11 she just started to bombard me with "you see what happend in NYC?" "you know that maybe you?" what are you going to do if you get killed and you have children at home left alone with only a mother and no father?"

I was thinking wow my mom is talking about marriage while i just have my permit. Stll with the upcoming event my mom started to talk about pilots as a dangerous job.

Everytime i try ti talk to her about it she just (basically shuts me up) saying "You go up there and get killed" Now i just stoped talking about it at home. I'll wait for a job to pay for my own flight education that sounds better then having my my talk about biegn killed.

And with the marriage thing i say "if my wife loves me (future wife) then whe wont stand in the path of what i love and would actually support me.

That is my story.

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So...this thread is alive..

Well I was away for a long time and I aint flying as for now. Well it takes time to make our parents understand. In the process i talked to a lot of people from Flight instructors &amp; 747 captains to the security guard at the airport!

Parents...especially mothers are very sensitive in this matter. Though it may seem childish talk to them indirectly abt the + s of being a pilot along with - s of other jobs.. etc...

But remember Time and tide waits for none....