Pro/Cons of Jet vs twin turbo prop

Depends on the mission. Range? Normal payload? Beech said 600 nm was the break point for the King Air. Cessna said 500 nm to step up to a Citation.
also, how much room you need in the cabin for the Corp part of the mission, if there is an "impress the clients" aspect to the corp mission, and are there financial limitations to the family part of the mission.
I just loved the King Air. It was my first multi. Easy to fly. Good fuel specs. Can be single piloted. Very forgiving. Carries a pretty big load. Reasonably fast. Can get serviced anywhere.

A good plane.

Now, if I was buying and had unlimited bucks, probably a single pilot Citation.
yeah, if youre looking for single pilot capability, its tough to beat a CJ2


The CJ2 has a reputation, however - nothing beats a good rep. Still, at almost 1 million dollars more outright purchase [new], the CJ2, climbs 2,000 ft per minute slower and cruises 900 nm less farther then the SJ30's 2,500 nm range. With the SJ30, California to Honolulu is done well over 45 minute reserve. CJ2, never makes it to Hawaii and that is a huge factor for me and my family, given our bent towards the islands.
It was a joke - look at my typing. "Noooooooo." Probably not conveyed very well on-line. Oh, well.

Ah...raja. My bad. First round on me!

FWIW, I had heard some rumblings that the CJ4 may be a separate type, but would probably still be single pilot capable (since that's the crowd they seem to be marketing to with the CJ series). That's just a rumor though.

Jet: Pro- Speed; Con - Fuel burn
T-Prop: Pro- Fuel Burn; Con - Speed


That all depends. I've seen lears get fuel burns up high that I've seen king airs exceed down low. Depends on which end of the envelope you're operating in. ...and we're all the same speed under 10k :D

The trip would mostly be Pittsburgh Manassas Louisville Norfolk. An occasional trip to Honolulu but that is only an occasional business trip. Not in any specific order . It would carry an occasional politician but Ive seen the Dash 8 blackwater carries a lot of govt people around in so I know they don't always require a glamorous ride. People would vary from 2-8 and would either say a King Air or CJ2/CJ3 be adjustable(seats temp removed) for the occasional equipment transportation.

Trying to see if I can justify a CJ2/CJ3 operating costs for short trips.