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Dr. Forred,

I was going to PM you, but I figured this might be a pretty common drug.
I got a wicked case of poison ivy and they are putting me on prednisone--40mg for three days, 30mg for 3 days, 20mg for 3 and 10mg for 3. I was able to get rid of one trip, but I can't really afford to miss 12 days for this. I poked around on the FAA website and found some AME newsletters that appeared to reference a 20mg/day limit on prednisone for medical you know if that's true? I'm having no side effects on the 40mg/day right now, so I can't imagine the the 20 or 10 a day I'd be flying on would be a problem.


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You found the correct information. High dose prednisone can cause multiple significant side effects to include personality changes, sudden outbursts of anger, etc.