prairie air service


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Has anyone used this place for their multi engine rating? All the treads are pretty old that mentioned it but it seems like a neat place to knock out the rating quick.


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I have...back in 2004. Good small family style place, live in owners home (Airpark ) and very experienced instructor.


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I have also been considering Prairie Air for my Comm Multi initial, prices very reasonable, plus I like the idea of staying onsite and really concentrating on training. Looking at February to take some time off and knock it out.


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Bump....either of you two above end up going to PAS? Or anyone else that hasn't chimed in? Doing some investigatin' myself. I'm reading good things and the pricing is certainly a plus. I am only about 2.5 hours away. I hear the owner is a bit of a taskmaster in the air (putting it nicely) but that is tempered with lots of reviews about how experienced and thorough he is.



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To be honest I never asked if he did I was living out there at the time. I would give him a call and ask. I'm sure he's got something set up since he has a lot of people come train from out of town.


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Do they provide accommodation?
If not, how do you arrange one? Place to stay is always headache.
Yes, when I flew with Herb I stayed there. Kathy is great, makes dinners and left overs are fair game. You will be welcome as part of the family. Herb is very experienced and thorough. Benton has a bar and grill on the airport also, so you can run up there for a change of pace.

Anyway, good spot, he had an old Pontiac you could use to get around while there, hit the Y to work out or old Wichita to get out for a night.


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I went to PAS for a few ratings. Herb has a well-planned system and knows what he is doing. For the price, I don’t think it can be beat. Most of the ground is self-study. He has the full set a king school DVDs.

Last year it was $240 an hour with a small full surcharge for the Apache.

He also gets really intense in the air and can be very hard on his students.


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Herb does know what he is doing. Has a good pass rate last I knew.
I got my Commercial, instrument, and multi with him many years ago.