POH's online?


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POH\'s online?

Is there a site that has POH's for 172's and 152's and 150's online somewhere?
Re: POH\'s online?

Amazon.com may, and most of the online pilot stores of any size will sell them to you.

They are copywritten works, so I'm not sure it'll be all that easy to find one for free online.

That said, it would be GREAT if someone had access to some loose leaf copies, and ran them through a scanner to make up some nice PDF files, for when you don't want to spend $40 on a darn manual you will only use really for a couple checkrides and then file away (as is the case with the Arrow I rent).

My current collection is:


Factory manuals. The Tomo one is the best of those three, though there are some things that are just kinda hard to find. Nothing important, but things like how many degrees is the first and second notch of flaps. Found them, just harder to find than it should be.