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Well got an e mail from Pinnacle about an hour ago. Looks like they have "scheduled" their dates for interviews and will be conducting those soon. Anyways looks like Mesaba and Pinnacle along with Colgan. Its nice to hear some good news with all the bad. That ontop of RAH cancelation of some furlough is all great to hear.


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I hope you're right, I haven't seen anything on their site or anywhere else about it.


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Any idea what is considered competitive at Pinnacle?
RJ transition course? sarcasm all the way.... I dont even know if anyone here can say what competitive was when they were hiring a lot. Always been a weird way in which they determind if one is qualified or not. I didnt have 1000/200 back when they were hiring a lot of people and refused to take a jet course. Thus they refused to interview me at times of 600/300 when they were taking my students at CMEL wet and willing to take a jet course.


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After post 4 I just became confused.
Did y'all not see the movie "The Replacements"?

"A comedy based on the 1987 professional football players' strike. Gene Hackman plays the coach of the team, Jack Warden is the owner, Brett Cullen is the All-Pro quarterback that goes on strike and Keanu Reeves is the "scab" who replaces the star QB."


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So Pinnacle is looking for people to cross a line at the regional level.

Real regional scabs, and now GoJets won't get such a beat down!


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replacement workers won't be happening.... We STILL do not have enough coverage (at least in the NWA system) to drop a damn thing. I think we are hiring for attrition (which still exists albeit only a few each month) and the added -900's that will show up in a few months. We are hiring a whopping 2 classes (something like 24 folks) and my personal belief is we are simply refilling the pool in hopes we need to drain it for more flying (from where who knows...). I still want a contract- is that really so much to ask for?


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I'm with you there. I coulda made a "Follow me boys" speech in the MEM crew room the other day and had pitch forks and torches in front of HQ without breaking a sweat (okay, maybe the guys with torches would be sweating).

Honestly, I think the company has F'ed themselves right now. Even if we got a TA, I doubt it would pass. There are so many people so pissed right now, unless it's too sweet a deal to miss, they're gonna vote "no" the first time no matter what. I'll give it a fair read if we get one, but it better be DAMN good at this point.

For those that are curious, the company trotted out some old scheduling stuff which was supposedly already agreed upon dealing with PBS at the previous mediated negotiations. Before that, we were scope/pay away from getting a TA done. Well, between those negotiations and the ones last week, the company and the negotiating committee met to hammer out the details on PBS stuff. According to the negotiating committee, they had gotten it worked out and were looking forward to going to the next round of mediated talks to possibly get a deal done. When they showed up, what the company offered was light years behind what they had verbally agreed to previously. Apparently, talks broke down so badly, the mediator said "We're done" and there are no more talks scheduled currently.

Now, if we lived in a fair world, that would be declared an "impasse," the 30 day cooling off clock would start, and 30 days from now, I'd be wearing my walking shoes and uniform while walking in front of an airport with a sign in my hands.....or we'd have a new contract. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the government has to say "Okay, you can strike" and the current administration has already said "No airline strikes on my watch." So, we're stuck. Meanwhile, management gets to reap the benefits of continuing to pay 2005 wages in a year where inflation is going through the roof. If there isn't a damn good retro package to compensate for management's BS in this, I'm voting "no."


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That's pure garbage.

Can they appeal?
There's no one to appeal to. The NMB is the final authority under the RLA for self-help. Until they release the PCL pilots, there will be no strike. As I said, vote pro-labor if you want things to change. McCain means more of the same.


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There's no one to appeal to. The NMB is the final authority under the RLA for self-help. Until they release the PCL pilots, there will be no strike. As I said, vote pro-labor if you want things to change. McCain means more of the same.
Can PCL pilots vote authorizing a strike now so that as soon as the NMB released them it can commence immediately (after the cooling off period?)