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I have a somewhat random question to ask. When you hear talk of a patient medical "file" what exactly does this mean? Is a patients medical file an entire record from birth (till death) of every single (small or large) medical issue, Doctor visit, prescription given or taken, that an individual has had? Like a complete compilation? Or does it only contain things of a certain degree (like a major surgery or health condition) as apposed to say just going in for a random Doctor visit for a cold medicine prescription etc.? Or are different records kept in different places? Or are these all completely off? I am just wondering what exactly it is and what it would contain, thanks a lot for any and all responses. -
When you go see any doctor for any reason they will create a chart on you and aslo a file from blood test to a visit and a refferal and so on. If you go to 3 differnt docs then you'll have 3 differnt files, Why you ask.
The hope is that some day everything will be computerized (as it often is at individual practices) so if you go see a doctor in LA they will be able to access your patient records from when you lived in Denver and New York.

HIPAA was SUPPOSED to make that happen, but as of yet it's been somewhat slow going.
I hope it doesn't happen. It may make it easier for you to access medical record but it also helps the FAA.


Yep, that was the first thought that came to my mind too. Whether they computerize records or not, any insurance claim you file is on some company's books which are ultimately accessible to everyone and his uncle's dog. HIPPA ? Sure, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, HIPPA. The power of the Imperial Federal Government is boundless particularly when they start waving court orders.

I'm betting privacy laws are a bit different for pilots when push comes to shove.

I always reported every sniffle and hang nail. Simple risk/reward assessment. You've heard the adage: "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT out to get me."

Here's some more people you need to be afraid of: Just in case you thought you knew everyone who was stockpiling your medical records (they have no file on me). If records exist, the FAA can find and get them.

Sleep well, Amigos. :laff::laff::laff:

I'm sure this is just my paranoid delusions talking and there's really no cause for alarm. Remember: every sniffle and hang nail.