Past adjustment disorder and health insurance rejection


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Hello Doctor,

1. Adjustment Disorder. Diagnosed in ~2009 after a bad breakup, therapist diagnosed for insurance purposes. She referred me to a psychiatrist to ease the transition. The psychiatrist prescribed sertraline for mood and suggested I try lorazepam and propanolol for anxiety to see what worked best. I discontinued use after ~1 year.

Will I have to undergo the full P&P evaluation? Will letters from the providers confirming the condition is fully resolved do anything?

2. Deviated Septum. I was rejected for individual health insurance end of 2008 after mentioning that a doctor had told me I had a slightly deviated septum (not officially diagnosed). I have no medical record of this. The health insurance rejection states that I was rejected for "history of a deviated septum with ongoing snoring and trouble breathing" even though I never mentioned snoring or trouble breathing, as I have neither. Will this be a problem?

Do I have a chance of getting a normal 3rd class medical?

I am considering doing my flight training as a sport pilot in lieu of pursuing the 3rd class while I get medical records from the psychiatrist and my therapist, and then trying again for the PPL after I feel I have a good chance of succeeding.

Thank you so much for this valuable service!
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Letters from providers should be enough along with a current (within 90 days) evaluation from the psychiatrist.

For the deviated septum, you can get a medical. Insurance companies do not want to spend ANY money nd were trying to cover their risk for you having nose surgery.
Thank you for the quick reply. Assuming the letters and evaluation are all in order, could you as the examiner issue or would it be deferred to the FAA?
The deviated septum is not an issue. It wuld depend on the documentation from the psychiatric stuff to make that decision.